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Master 7 Habits to Achieve Complete Athletic Success
at Complete 7 Sports

Be Your Best You

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Complete 7 Sports helps athletes achieve athletic success by forming these 7 habits.

  1. Determine Your Why
  2. Prioritize Mental Wellness
  3. Improve Physical Wellness
  4. Monitor Nutrition
  5. Increase Functional Strength
  6. Recover
  7. Track Results

Increase Functional Strength

We have a workout plan within the Complete 7 Sports membership, which is designed for athletes from 10 years old to the professional level who are trying to improve their overall athleticism, balance, conditioning and functional strength. The plan uses a circuit training approach for a high intensity, fast paced workout of about 40 minutes in length. The initial focus was for basketball players, but we have found this workout is great for athletes of any sport.

If you are serious about pushing yourself to be the best athlete you can be, schedule your first 3 complimentary sessions.